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A unique shop of the Revolutionary War era, catering to those customers seeking 18th and 19th century period appropriate clothing, ready to wear and made to order garments, as well as household hardware and items.

Barbara Shaputis have been active in Mountain Man and Colonial Reenactments since 1977. She has enjoyed researching and recreating period appropriate clothing and iron work that other reenactors requested her and her husband's services. Thus the expertise and enthusiasm evolved into a fulltime business. YESTERYER.

If what you are looking for is not listed in the catalog or on the website, please contact us. There are a wide variety of other items available in the shop. We selected the most commonly ordered objects for this on-line catalog.

Barb and her team of seamstresses are top-notch in the field. They will help you create the person you wish to portray. They will create the fashions to your order or will help with suggestion. They strive to keep your outfits as close to period correct as possible, with a touch of class and loads of quality.

Available for the more adventurous and talented persons, are patterns and full time linen and wool fabrics. You can create your own from these supplies.

To help those of you who would like to custom order items, we ask that first you be as specific as possible and that you will be kind enough to give us time to complete your orders. Quality takes time.